The Maggot


Maggots come in variety of dyed colours including red, white (which is their natural colour), bronze which is more of a golden yellow, green and pale yellow. You can buy all of one colour of reds, whites and bronze but the green and yellow varieties normally come in what is called mixed. This consists of a mixture of all the colours and not just green and yellow and can be bought in pints or in increments such as a quarter, half and three quarters of a pint. This gives you the option to mix and match your bait say, half a pint of reds and half of bronze. Or a quarter of whites and a pint of mixed. I'm not sure if the colour makes much difference but anglers normally use what they feel confident with and what fish they are targeting. Personally if i'm using maggots then reds are my favourite.

Along with different colours there are different sizes of which the common ones used for coarse and carp fishing are known as squats and pinkies. As previously mentioned on this site the maggot is the off spring of the fly, the blue bottle to be precise whereas the squat is the offspring or pupae of the common house fly and the pinkie the pupae of the green bottle.

It stands to reason then that the squat is the smallest, followed by the pinkie and finally the biggest being the maggot. These all come in different dyed colours so as before don't be afraid to experiment. Squats and pinkies due to their size are usually used for adding to groundbait or for loose feed whereas maggots are the ones used most for the hook. Remember though there are no hard and fast rules in fishing, only guide lines.

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