The Maggot


Hooking maggots is a nice clean straight forward affair. The maggots themselves are usually very clean and aren't greasy or sticky provided they have been stored correctly. The two ends of a maggot cannot be confused as one end is pointed and the other is flat or 'blunt.'

Unfamilar users of maggots often think the 'blunt' end is the head as it looks like a little 'face' with two small black pin prick eyes. However this is the tail end the the two 'eyes' are in fact breathing holes. As the maggot burrows into food etc it does so head first with the pointed end to make this process a little easier. The breathing holes are positioned at its rear so it does not suffocate whilst burrowing or feeding.

Its in this rear end that is the best place to position a hook. Ideally you want to just nick the skin inbetween its breathing holes so that it will wriggle around for as long as possible to provide a visually tempting morsel. The only time i would advise hooking through the pointed end or the head is when you are using two maggots on the hook or 'double hooking' as it is known. In this case I would hook one through the blunt end as described and the other just at the end of the point. This will help reduce twist in your line when retrieving them as they tend to spin in the water like a propeller when pulled through it. By hooking two in opposite ways it will cancel most of the effect out.

Which ever method you use try to ensure that you do not burst the maggot as you put the hook through it as it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of this wonderfull bait.

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