The Maggot


Loose fed maggots are a great way of attracting feeding fish into your swim. They can be thrown out by hand, cupped in, catapulted, combined with a ball of ground bait for distance work or placed inside a PVA bag or feeder for attaching to your rig. However if the water is fairly deep, say over 4 foot then loose feeding from the top can work against you if you are ledgering or fishing on the bottom. Maggots are quite a slow sinking bait and therefore can intice feeding fish to move up through the water and away from your hook bait.

If you do this and you are float fishing then by moving your bait higher up in the water 6 inches at a time can prove a very effective method once you have discovered the depth at which the fish are intercepting your free offerings. If conditions dictate that you fish on the bottom then using maggots in a closed end feeder or PVA bag should provide the desired effect. Just remember some methods work on some days and not on others in apparently the same conditions but then thats why it's called fishing and not 'catching'.

Try altering the amount of maggots you feed at a time from say 3 or 4 to a good handfull, more maggots can always be added but once they're in you can't take them out. What you are trying to achieve is to attract the fish your trying to catch and not just feed them. If you are catching consistently then it's a fair bet that your loose feed has been snaffled up so it's pretty safe to keep a trickle going in. Little and often is the key but if your catch rate drops and bites dry up then reduce or stop feeding altogether. If this happens then 'rest' your swim for a while and try fishing a different spot. This could be only a matter of a few feet to several metres or more but it could just start you catching again. This is a tip I picked up off a match fisherman who would fed and alternatively fish up to 3 or 4 different spots in his swim throughout the match..

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