The Maggot


Storing maggots is a fairly straightforward affair. There are however a few key points to remember to ensure your bait stays as fresh as possible. Firstly buy fresh bait to start with, if the maggots are already sweating or smell strongly of ammonia then chances are they haven't been kept in ideal conditons and are unlikely to last for very long. Another way to check for freshness is to have a look at the food sack which is the black area easily visible through their skin. Ideally this should be large, bright and therefore full as opposed to being small and dull.

Once your happy that your bait is fresh as possible when you buy it you should aim to keep it cool and well aeriated. If you can stabilise the temperture then the actual temperature isn't so much as an issue but avoid fluctuating temperatures as maggots seem to turn a lot quicker in these sort of conditions. A normal bait box with holes in the lid is ideal and an extra handfull of clean dry saw dust will help soak up any excess sweat or moisture such as that formed from condensation. Maggots can be kept in an open container and is probably the best way although ensure that no cats, dogs, kids or rodents etc can access them. If you can convince your partner to keep them in the domestic fridge then fine but keep the lid on securely and do not leave uncovered food elsewhere in the fridge. If you use a lot of maggots then think about buying a second hand fridge to keep in the shed or garage which can double up as a handy beer cooler for the summer!

If you are wanting to store a large amount of maggots for an extended time like for a long fishing trip for example, then its best to divide the maggots into separate bait boxes of say 2 pints maximum. Then put all the bait boxes into a cool box with a couple of freezer blocks to help stabilise the temperature. This way if only one 2 pint bait box is removed and used for a session then the rest of the bait will remain fresher for longer. Just ensure that you aerate the cool box in the cooler hours of the day for a while and replace any spent and damp sawdust with fresh by riddling the maggots before replacing into a clean dry bait box.

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