The Maggot


Using dead maggots can be just as effective as fishing with live ones in the correct conditions. The most common reason why you want to use dead maggots is if you are fishing on the bottom on silt and you don't want your bait burying itself out of sight. This is a good method if you are targeting 'specimen' carp and are having to wait for extended periods of time.

Obviously putting them in a closed end feeder isn't going to be particularly effective as you will be relying on the maggots to wriggle out! Therefore an open ended feeder with a combination of ground bait and maggots will ensure the maggots are emptied out of the feeder. This is particularly effective if the ground bait contains a high percentage of crushed hemp as it tends to 'explode' out of the feeder more effectively. Experimentation is the key with all types of fishing and using dead maggots is no exception. Try using them alongside live ones and try alternating a live one with a dead one on the hook to see what the fish prefer on that particular session.

Obviously if you want to use dead maggots then you will have to kill them first which isn't as easy as sounds, not if you want to leave the bait in a usable condition that is. You can't just wait for them to die because they will just turn into casters so there are two preferred ways to do so. First method is to pour very hot but not boiling water over them which is a quick method if your short of time or are wanting to use them immediatley. If you use boiling water then the maggots tend to go a bit stringy and will be ruined. The second method is a bit slower but is my favourite. Just put the desired amount in a normal bait box and put it in the freezer overnight. Next morning take it out and the maggots will be defrosted and ready for use by the time you get to the bank.

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